Education Program

2020 Education Program - COMING SOON!

COMING SOON! - Our retail education program is designed to meet your business needs and help you solve your biggest challenges for the upcoming season. Whether it is staffing, customer and brand loyalty, merchandising, add-on sales, balancing online vs. instores, the Halloween & Party Expo has you covered. Take a look at last year's education program below.

2019 Panel Discussions Topics:

  • Retail & Tech: Realistic Technologies Every Merchant Should Know About to Help Their Business Thrive
    Friday, January 25, 2019 | 11:00 AM

    As retail evolves, so do the resources that help support this industry. This panel discussion will explore the latest retail technology that Halloween and party stores need to know about. Discover ways to strengthen store operations, marketing, management and overall retail success – ultimately leading to stronger customer engagement and more profitable businesses with a highlight on how point of sale can change your business for the better. From turn-key solutions to free technologies that will immediately help your business to resources available to fit every size business, expect to gain insight on the value of data via tech, customer management aimed to increase loyalty and sales, shipping solutions to meet the needs of today's demanding consumers plus money saving resources that streamline your operations... and more!
  • Retaining Customers, Increasing Sales & Strengthening Brand Loyalty: Expert Insight On How Your Store Can Accomplish That
    Saturday, January 26 | 10:30 AM

    Attracting new customers is one thing... keeping customers loyal is another thing. This panel discussion will discuss how to do both, as well as ways to increase brand awareness within your local marketplace. From effective advertising strategies to email marketing campaigns proven to drive in-store traffic to retaining customers despite heavy competition, join industry leaders as they share real-time ways to help your retail store keep customers happy through engaging store experiences, modern retail best practices and more... plus, how to keep them spending their hard-earned dollars with your hard-working store.
    • William S. English | Quickbooks Expert
    • Jasmine Glasheen | Retail Minded
    • Nikki Voltolina | Nikki's French Quarter Halloween Store

  • Tips & Tricks to Diversify Your Inventory Assortment & Increase Add-On Sales All Year Round
    Sunday, January 27 |11:00 AM

    Want to capture more customer dollars? Begin by introducing more assortment to your inventory - including seasonal and festive product offerings beyond the Halloween category. Join industry leaders for a panel discussion on how exploring new inventory categories can help your business strengthen sales, capture customer attention and increase store profit. Strategies will be revealed on how to increase average sales per unit, get customers excited about your new inventory offerings and ways to introduce new inventory into your existing mix of product. Discover vendors to consider, merchandising strategies to help make this change and much, much more!



Plus an addition Panel Discussion presented by Gantom Lighting & Controls.

2019 retail roundtables

  • Balancing Physical & Online Stores: The Realities of How This Can Work Without Frustration
    Friday, January 25 | 1:00 PM

    The path to purchase is no longer linear and as a result, retailers must incorporate an omnichannel strategy to help their customers seamlessly purchase from their stores. Whether you sell exclusively online, exclusively in-store or through combined avenues, this roundtable discussion will highlight ways you can more easily balance physical and online selling. Expect to gain expert tips, hear from others successfully doing this and walk away with actionable insight you can apply to your own store. Come with questions... leave with answers!
  • Merchandising to Increase Customer Engagement & Store Sales: What You Need to Know
    Saturday, January 26 | 1:00 PM

    Let's face it... today's consumers are easily distracted. But that doesn't mean they have to be. Through savvy merchandising strategies and modern in-store experiences, customers will want to stay engaged in your store while also wanting to NOT leave empty handed. This roundtable discussion will explore ways to strengthen your displays, use merchandising as a way to push sales and highlight product trends and create a strong visual experience for your consumers to enjoy while in your store. Join industry leaders as they share proven techniques to help your store excel through merchandising while also gaining practical tips on how you can apply these strategies to your unique store.
  • Strategies to Strengthen Employee Engagement, Store Staffing & Other In-Store Employee Management Issues
    Sunday, Janaury 27 | 1:00 PM

    From identifying new employees for your store to training existing and new employees alike on store standards to increasing customer service expectations among your entire team, this broundtable discuss will highlight ways to improve on your employee experiences. From hiring to firing and every touchpoint in between, join industry leaders Nicole Leinbach Reyhle and Jasmine Glasheen as they lead a discussion on how to strengthen your store brand ambassadors. Plus, hear about industry resources to help you manage, train and excel in your employee management - including how to keep employees happy at minimum wage or just above.