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3 Tips to Strengthen Retail Sales This Halloween Season

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behind the brand

For this month's Behind the Brand, we spoke with Malmey Masks, an exhibitor at the 2019 Halloween & Party Expo. Check out the full interview below and visit them in booth 860 at the Show or follow them on social media @MalmeyMasks!

Halloween & Party Expo (HPE): Tell us about the history of your company.
Malmey Masks (MM): 
We are a small Ohio based company with a huge heart. We started making costumes and props in 2010 for the individual Halloween and convention market. In 2017 we expanded our line to Vacuum Formed mask for the ECHL, AHL, MLB and MILB. Although we have been making masks for years and are a licensed manufacturer for the sports market this will be our first convention for the retail and wholesale Halloween market. We currently manufacture all our products local in Ohio. We own our manufacturing equipment and work closely with Goodwill Industries in our home town to form the masks. By doing so, we are able to provide vital job training to local individuals and promote local job growth! 

HPE: What's your favorite product you are offering this year?
This year we are offering a new product we are calling Cereal Killers. These will be retro-style masks based on the reimagining of the old Cereal mascots. We are also offering a lot of carved pumpkins with printed retro mask art! Both lines will serve as masks and porch light decor.

HPE: What are you most excited about for the 2018 season?
The 2018 season will be our first season as a mask outlet for consumers and retailers alike! We are excited to see where the season takes us and who we will meet along the way.

HPE: Why did you choose to exhibit at the Halloween & Party Expo?
 We were told that many of the brick and mortar shops use the Halloween & Party Expo as their source to purchase new products. We are looking forward to meeting many of these retailers.

HPE: What are you most excited about for the 2019 Halloween & Party Expo?
I am most excited about having an opportunity to meet with all the retail outlets and checking out the Haunt exhibits at HAuNTcon!

it's your store

The Halloween & Party Expo spoke with Tanya Boudreau from Ripsters Halloween Shop about what trends they are seeing in the industry and their favorite products they are offering this year.


Halloween & Party Expo (HPE): What is your favorite product you are offering in 2018?
Ripster Halloween Shop (RHS):
The best product we are offering this year are locally made products, special FX Makeup, and licensed products. Having the best knowledgeable well rounded staff makes our business stand out and successful ensuring our customers have the right people helping them. 


HPE: What trends are you anticipating to be popular for the 2019 season?
We expect to see high quality unique one-of-a-kind collectibles, better makeup whether for special FX or theatre. Having our suppliers being two steps ahead of licensed product to meet the demand of our clients. 


HPE: How are the industry trends shifting based on your costumers?
Social media trends are amped up and our vendors need to stay on top of them. We also ensure our store can meet our clients' needs by pairing costumes together with accessories. 


HPE: What brought you to the Halloween & Party Expo?
RHS: The Halloween & Party Expo is the best buying show and showcase of new products and props.

retail smarts

3 Tips to Strengthen Retail Sales This Halloween Season
By Nicole Reyhle

While the spookiest season of retail may be ahead of us, there is no reason to be in fear. With some thoughtful planning and proactive approaches, your retail business can thrive this upcoming Halloween season. Below, gain three tips to help your store strengthen sales.

Tip #1: Get Social With Your Community via Social Media

Promoting your store year round is important, but let’s face it… as a party based business, Halloween is truly your time to shine. Leverage your store being in the business of party and Halloween by reaching out to your local press via social media and letting them know you’re the place to shop when it comes to Halloween planning – as well as you can be a resource to them in any media efforts they may need. Plus, use social media to share ideas on how customers can get inspired to decorate their homes, plan parties and of course, find costumes that suit their festive moods for this upcoming October 31.

There is no shortage of opportunities to get social when it comes to Halloween, so strategize now to begin sharing via social media – ultimately aiming to capture the attention of your local marketplace and draw profit to your store. Another tip? Start a countdown to Halloween that not only keeps your audience engaged and excited, but also keeps your store top of mind in all their Halloween planning… and spending. Don’t overlook the power of images on social media, as well. Share pictures of your employees favorite customers, post pictures of decorating ideas with items you have available to sell and offer visuals that will help get customers excited to plan a Halloween party. The main takeaway here? Share, share, share. It’s all about being social, after all.

Tip #2: Host a Pre-Halloween Party in Your Store

The rest of the world may be celebrating Halloween on October 31, but you can begin a new tradition for your store only that celebrates this customer-favorite holiday in early October… giving your customers the perfect excuse to have fun while getting prepared for the “real” Halloween. Treat your customers to a festive experience that gets them in the mood for costume shopping, party planning and Halloween fun by welcoming customers to your store for a pre-Halloween special event experience. Consider having a fashion show of your store’s favorite costumes, offer treats served in party bowls that you sell and decorate your retail space to inspire guests to want to decorate their own homes. Collectively, these efforts will help drive sales to your business and generate attention from your customers. Don’t forget to share these details via social media, through email marketing and with your local press, as well.

Bonus tip? Offer special invitations sent either via snail mail, email or even hand-delivered invites to truly make your customers feel more like VIPs.

Tip #3: Combine Your Marketing Efforts with Other Local Businesses

Like minded yet non-competitive businesses make great promotional partners all year round, but Halloween may be the perfect time of year for you to optimize these relationships. Gain more store visibility by working with these companies to help promote each other’s businesses and drive sales to each of your stores. The catch? These stores need you just as much as you nee them, so it’s a winning scenario to work with each other to gain more customer attention. Among the many ways you can work together include offering promotional incentives to shop at each other’s businesses during the month of October, creating a festive, co-hosted environment that welcomes customers to a joint special event and even hosting a pop-up shop with your inventory in their business environment. With some thoughtful planning and effort, these strategies can help you gain more sales and even welcome new customers. 

Finally, Halloween is a busy season that will undoubtedly bring increased foot traffic to your store… but don’t dismiss this as the best way to welcome business. Instead, embrace this season and leverage your expertise in this seasonal market to increase sales and strengthen customer visibility alike! From social media to special events to partnering with other businesses, you will help set yourself apart from others and increase your overall Halloween selling season success!


HIA partners with Goosebumps and haribo

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