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How Retailers Can Increase Brick & Mortar Food Traffic Through Online Engagement

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For this month's Behind the Brand, our friends at Haunt Collective spoke with Moon Creations, an exhibitor at the 2018 Halloween & Party Expo, about their company and their new product. Check out the full interview below:

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How Retailers Can Increase Brick & Mortar Foot Traffic Through Online Engagement
By Nicole Leinbach Reyhle

Let’s face it… online retailers have advantages over brick and mortar stores simply based on the data they can capture that helps them to monitor customer traffic. But don’t be fooled. Traditional retailers can also benefit from online engagement – including an understanding of online data – that can help lead customers into their physical storefronts. Still not convinced? Consider the following:

1. Google Analytics helps merchants understand their online audience – which includes their potential in-store customers. This free – yes, you read that right – resource is a vital tool in helping retailers identify how their customers interact online. For example, if you send out an email announcing an upcoming in-store event that has links to your website or Facebook page, you can see how many people actually came from your email and clicked to these pages. More specifically, you can also identify what their next steps were. Possibly it included going to your store contact page on your website, which – in theory – should offer your physical store address. Or maybe you see a trend of online traffic ending on certain web pages. This can alert you to wanting to update those same web pages so that your customers are more inclined to stay in touch with you, among other ways for you to strengthen your customer interaction. The main takeaway here? Know how your customers react to your online communication so you can better support them in your overall communication – including in your store.

2. Social media gives you an avenue to stay in touch with customers in between their store visits. Often, retailers make the mistake of using social media only to showcase what is going on in their store. Yet let’s not forget the real purpose of social media. It is – in fact – to be social. Leverage this by engaging with customers, asking them questions and responding to their posts or hashtags that may directly involve your store or overall category of retail business. This can all drum up visibility for your store and in return, encourage store visits.

3. Offer incentives online that can only be redeemed in your physical store. These incentives can range from coupons to gift with purchases to in-store event invites and more. Get creative in order to get your customers excited! Through online communication that can include email marketing, social media and even text message marketing you can offer these updates to customers – ultimately giving them a reason to visit your store.

Finally, remember that monitoring your in-store foot traffic is just as important as understanding your online customer traffic and how to engage your customers online in order to get them into your store.

“Foot traffic counting is the essential starting point for a business that wants to be more data-driven and deliver a customer experience more effectively than their competitors off- and online. We recently chatted with a retailer who uses foot traffic analytics to identify how they can lose $5,000 to $7,000 when in-store conversions drop 10 percent in a given week. Now that they’re equipped with accurate data, they’re able to optimize staffing and marketing spend to recover that lost revenue quickly when conversions decrease,” shares Joanna Rutter, a Marketing Specialist from Dor Technologies. Dor is the only foot traffic analytics solution that helps retailers accurately and affordably measure their foot traffic and make better business decisions. Expanding on this, Rutter explains that “without in-store foot traffic data, retailers have no way to measure how effectively their marketing is driving visitors to their stores. It’s just guesswork. Then once those customers come in, retailers without foot traffic data can’t guarantee those visitors are getting the experience they deserve by staffing according to demand. Retailers can’t calculate their conversion rate without foot traffic data, and can’t see how well they’re converting visitors into customers. Without this data, marketing, staffing, and conversion performance are all unknowns, hindering your growth.”

If looking to optimize your growth versus hinder it is among your goals for your retail business, let foot traffic monitoring – both online and offline – be on your to-do-list.  

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The 2018 International Halloween show will be held December 3-6, 2018 at 1115 Broadway & 230 Fifth Avenue New York City again later this year.

Registration, schedule of events, exhibitor listing and hotel detail will be available at the IHS portion of the HIA website HERE within the next few months, so be sure to keep checking in! Please note many exhibitors require pre-scheduled appointments. 


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