2020 SMART Event Info

NEW THIS YEAR – Halloween & Party Expo is a SMART Event!

To make it easier for you to discover new products and do business, the Halloween & Party Expo is now a SMART Event – all focused on NEW Product Launches! At the show, all buyers will receive a SMART badge, powered by Konduko, at registration that allows you to collect information at exhibitor booths, new products areas, the Fashion Show and more central locations and receive all information by email at the end of each day.
NEW THIS YEAR – Halloween & Party Expo is a SMART Event!
What’s a SMART event?
What makes this badge SMART? By simply “tapping” your SMART badge on the easy to spot readers, you will be able to receive exhibitor and product customized information at the end of each day. It’s easy keep track of the new products you saw and the companies you met with as you start planning your season. The best part? YOU decide what products or exhibitors you want to TAP!
What are the benefits to you?
  • No spamming: you receive only the exhibitor information you’re interested in
  • You keep track of which companies you visited
  • Each day you receive a Daily Digest of the exhibitors you tapped
  • You exchange your virtual business card with the exhibitors you visited

This is all included as part of your Halloween & Party Expo experience, allowing you to have an easier time managing the booths you visit and getting immediate follow-up from those you tapped.  Look out for the SMART Event readers at the show!